What are the applicable charges per SIM?

The main charges applicable are a monthly fee for each SIM card and a monthly charge for the data bundle and/or SMS bundle. These are clearly identifiable charges from each other in your melita.io platform, in your order form as well as in your monthly billing. Should you opt for a month-on-month package instead of a 24-month contract, a one-time setup fee will also apply.

These charges vary according to the package selected and change based on number of SIM cards ordered as well as the size of the data and/or SMS bundles. The higher the volume the cheaper the rate per SIM, rate per MB and rate per SMS. These also vary on the area of coverage you opt for.

For usage beyond your allocated bundles, we encourage opting for roll-over bundles to avoid any bill shock or nasty surprises in case of unexpected high usage. Should you prefer not to choose a roll-over bundle you would then be charged per extra MB or extra SMS consumed. All these charges will be clear in your order form, in your portal and in your monthly billing.