Changing tariff plans

If you’re on a contract plan you may add more SIMs to your existing offers as well as upgrade your Data and/or SMS bundles. Downgrades from the original agreement are not possible and may trigger termination penalties on the original agreement. Should you be increasing volume of SIMs in an existing Offer and become eligible for higher discounts, a contract renewal (new contract period) will be required.

If you’re on a monthly plan you may effect changes at any time, but it is important to note that the new benefits are allocated in full in the selected month and hence charged in full as well. This applies if you’re changing the size of your data and/or SMS bundle. After a period of testing you may want to opt to move to a contract plan and benefit from better pricing on a 24-month contract.

If you’re on a Trial Plan, you may not affect any changes during the trial period. You may issue a new trial plan with different service conditions. Keep in mind that the trial plan automatically expires after 90 days and cannot be migrated to a standard plan.