What events can triggers detect?

Triggers can be set to detect the following events:

  • End Device Change – activates once the IMEI of the device changes
  • Data Usage – activates once the cumulative amount of data usage from the start of the current month is reached and/or exceeded
  • Scheduled – activates on a specific date and time

A trigger can potentially apply to several SIM cards, which means that a trigger can be activated when an event occurs to the whole group. When multiple SIM cards are selected, End Device Change triggers activate once any one SIM card changes IMEI and Scheduled triggers activate on the specified date. Data Usage triggers defined on multiple SIM cards can be set to either activate when the total monthly data usage of all SIM cards reaches or exceeds the specified amount or when the monthly data usage of individual SIM cards reaches or exceeds the specified amount. This is defined by the “Per SIM” setting when creating or editing a trigger.

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