Car Pooling


Traffic and traffic management is one of the key areas where IoT is seen as a fundamental tool. The opportunities offered in this space are endless but one industry that has managed to leverage these capabilities in a sound financial way is that of shared transportation. This may range from sharing of cars, scooters, buses, bikes. This has morphed in other services such as car-pooling and taxi rides.

In this field Melita.IO has assisted multiple clients in defining the best solution according to the monitoring required as well as any ancillary services offered by the client platform. Amongst the possible uses; clients can opt for simply monitoring location of the vehicle, whether the vehicle is on or off, all the way to offering internet service access to end customers. Based on the requirement and the number of projects handled clients have defined their packages and connectivity methods accordingly. IoT connectivity is seen as the ideal solution as it offers two-way communication and be able to interact and provide response to end-users via dedicated apps and portals.

Inizia subito a sfruttare i vantaggi del nostro piano M2M SIM per la connettività IoT si impegna a fornire ai propri clienti le migliori soluzioni di connettività M2M. Con oltre 30 anni di esperienza nelle telecomunicazioni, offriamo soluzioni di connettività M2M semplici e trasparenti in Europa, Nord America e non solo, senza costi aggiuntivi di roaming.


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