Smarte Müllabfuhr


The client required connectivity for enabling smart garbage cans that would allow communication back to a centralised platform advising load status. These garbage cans are distributed between central location and more remote areas and hence the design require use of battery-powered sensor as opposed to powering through grid. The solution is not only intended to ensure clean and available garbage cans but also make the collection more efficient. Garbage trucks and staff would be directed to bins that need to be emptied as opposed to a fixed regular routine. The side environmental benefits are the shortening of driving routes and reduction of fuel consumption along with related emissions.

Melita.IO provided NB-IoT connectivity that enable the client sensors to send regular status updates as well as alarms. The design also allowed the client to be able to send configuration settings both via data or SMS enabling remote management. Melita.IO engineers assisted the client from design stage and testing until final deployment in the field.

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