Fuhrpark Tracking


Fleet management is a big headache for many business clients. Once a fleet expands significantly most businesses opt for outsourcing fleet management and monitoring to 3rd part companies specialising in this service. This creates economies of scale as well provides end clients with increase monitoring capabilities.

In one of our case studies we look at assisting a fleet management and tracking operator to address issues related to increasing number of SIM cards, clients and connectivity requirements. An essential part of this project is the functionality provided by our portal. Moving from traditional SIM management to a dedicated M2M / IoT portal enables the client to manage hundreds and thousands of SIM in a simpler and more efficient way. The portal itself is simple and intuitive and hence training the customer NOC and support agents is very quick and smooth.

As the client handles multiple projects, they can now benefit from grouping various client in one bundle making the data consumption and charging more efficient whilst at the same time leveraging the portal capability by labelling SIM cards according to the individual client/project. Other projects that have different connectivity requirements can now be handled through the same portal and user logins whilst keeping them distinct from a usage and billing perspective.

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