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IoT in healthcare is one of the most researched areas and this industry offers multiple opportunities for sensor automation. In this use case the client approached Melita.IO to assist in development of a solution that would enable body sensors as part of a wider solution to offer SMART healthcare monitoring. Amongst the benefits expected from the solution the customer aims to improve patient experience by automating the extraction of sensor data, collecting more accurate and timely results, reduce the pressure of handling patient visits on the hospital institution. In the longer term the solution may also turn the service from a reactive one to a pro-active one where a remote medical NOC/SOC may be automatically alerted of unusual patterns that trigger actions such as alerting the patient, sending ambulance or notifying relative/medical staff.

Melita.IO support included assistance at design stage as well as completion of multiple propositions for different kinds of monitoring. Smaller less-regular sensory data is enabled using NB-IoT whilst other sensor solutions that require more frequent and higher volume data to be sent back would be based on LTE with 3G fall-back.

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