L’accoglienza: Le Macchinette del Caffè


Coffee brings people together, in social and work situations, in stressful and joyful times – coffee is served across all continents and loved by people of all age groups and backgrounds. This makes the coffee market a very competitive one and to remain relevant, coffee suppliers and providers must continuously reinvent themselves.

A popular business model that has made headway in the coffee industry, is for catering establishments to enter into agreements with the suppliers of a coffee brand of choice, with clauses put in place to ensure a positive outcome for both. The catering outlet agrees to exclusively offer the supplier’s particular coffee brand, while the company supplying the coffee offers a free sophisticated coffee machine and regular maintenance as required.

Such an arrangement requires sophisticated logistics and optimal communication between the two entities. Melita’s IoT connectivity solution helps facilitate this communication, resulting in a better overall service and business-to-business relationship. 

Specialised IoT sensors are attached to the coffee machine, to collect important data that is sent to a gateway that is facilitated by Melita’s network. The data is then filtered and decoded through analytics software, allowing the coffee supplier to receive real-time visual data. Based on the interpretation of this data, the coffee company can take quick and informed decisions and deploy resources to ensure smooth operations and maintenance of the equipment.

The IoT sensors can monitor the number of coffee cups served over time and highlight any changes in patterns. Gaps between the coffee served and the coffee supplied to the outlet might indicate that a different coffee brand is being used, which is a breach of the agreement between both parties.

Real-time data can provide information on the status of the coffee machine and send a signal when it requires maintenance or cleaning or when it encounters issues. The IoT technology allows for the machines to be turned off or on remotely and for the boiler and machine pump to be controlled virtually, thus preventing long-term damage. 

With consistent and ongoing data about the machine’s status, the number of repair requirements decreases, reducing costs for both parties and operational disturbances. In addition, it allows for better planning of maintenance and improved management of human resources.

All in all, the technology allows for better operational streamlining, improved communication between supplier and buyer, quicker response to issues that require attention and financial savings for both parties. It also allows for better reviewing of the situation to allow for the improvement of service.

Whilst the coffee company can enhance its logistical operations and better serve different outlets, the outlets can provide a better, uninterrupted service to their customers. The rest of us can remain happily caffeinated.

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