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Managing IoT connected devices and keeping tabs on multiple variables such as lifecycles and triggers, can be time consuming and inefficient. 

With melita.io’s IoT Management Portal you can optimise the efficiency of this process, by having full and real-time visibility of all your IoT connected devices.

The portal not only makes sure that all devices in the field are operating properly but also allows for effective troubleshooting to pre-empt problems before they happen.

Melita.io’s IoT Management Portal is free to all IoT customers. The portal is cloud-based,  thus available from anywhere with internet access, easy to use, super secure and designed to give real-time visibility and control of all connected devices. 

The Portal user is automatically created when a new account is registered. With security being a top priority, the Portal requires 2-factor authentication for those logging in the first time. The primary user’s contact number receives a one-time verification code via SMS to complete the authentication. This provides an extra layer of security to make sure that only authorized users are granted access to the Portal. 

Through this Management Portal, melita.io’s IoT customers can create new connections, view details of current connections, suspend services, resume services, and also rename SIM cards.

A most essential feature provided by the IoT Management Portal, is the ability to remotely manage triggers and edit conditions. The system allows for full trigger management including, End Device Change which is triggered when a SIM is inserted in a new device, Data Usage, which is trigerred when the data limit set in MB by the customer is reached, and Scheduled Triggers, which are activated on pre-set dates.

In addition, the portal gives overall access to the system’s execution function. This means that a customer can add, edit, and manage any of these trigger types. These functions include changing a label, changing the state of a SIM from suspended to resumed, and the ability to send notifications with customised text.

Through the analytics tab, IoT customers can also view data and SMS usage with the possibility of exporting the last 6 months of data to their device.

All billing services can also be accessed through this portal with the option of downloading invoices, paying online, or editing payment methods.

The system also allows for more in-depth details such as the API keys and user permissions and levels.

All melita.io customers get free access to all the tools and resources of melita.io’s IoT management portal – a customer-centric solution that provides a command-and-control hub to monitor and manage your IoT connected SIMs and devices. The same access, with the exception of the SIM triggers, is applied to LoRaWAN connected devices and systems.

More details about melita.io’s IoT management tool can be found in our API documentation here

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