Connectivity with flexible data options

Multiple mobile networks per country generally allows to connect to more than one mobile network per country ensuring you always get the best available connectivity.

Convenience pricing across Europe and USA

Shared data packages for all your SIM cards across Europe and North America at the same convenient prices no matter where devices are used.

Management platform and security features

Includes a management platform with API and trigger functionality. Security features such as VPN, Private APN and Static IPs are available. is the connectivity provider for your M2M and IoT business in Europe and North America

With more than 25 years experience in telecommunications we offer simple and transparent connectivity packages for the M2M and IoT world. Access multiple networks across over 100 countries worldwide without additional roaming charges. Manage your IoT SIMs through our platform.

Where we deliver connectivity

Keen to test drive our connectivity?Order our M2M Trial Plan for free!

Whether you’re testing new devices or building a proof of concept for a client, the free M2M Trial Plan gets you started in no-time. Test all the connectivity features your application requires with a simple package that includes 10 SIMs with shared data and shared SMS included.

Free 10 SIM cards with 100 MB and 100 SMS shared for 90 days.