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€1 per SIM per month

  • sim_card M2M Sim cards for IoT Devices
  • public Europe, North America and more at just €5 per GB
  • dashboard SIM management platform included

Multiple mobile networks per country generally allows to connect to more than one mobile network per country ensuring you always get the best available connectivity.

Convenient pricing across Europe and North America

Same data rates in more than 60 countries, including Europe and North America, at an unbelievably affordable price, regardless of where your SIM cards are used.

Sim management platform and security features

Includes a free SIM management platform with API and trigger functionality. Security features such as VPN, Private APN and Static IPs are available. is the connectivity provider for your global M2M and IoT business

With more than 30 years experience in telecommunications we offer simple and transparent connectivity packages for the M2M and IoT world. Access multiple networks across over 168 countries worldwide. Manage your IoT SIMs through our complimentary platform.


At our core, we are experts in network provision. We have the know-how to build reliable and secure LoRaWAN® networks that meet the needs of today's businesses.

  • Transform your business with our cutting-edge LoRaWAN® wireless network
  • Elevate Your IoT Strategy with a trusted LoRaWAN® Partner
  • Streamline LoRaWAN Connectivity and Sensor Management with our portal

Looking for a complete solution or a reliable partner? is the partner of choice for mobile and LoRaWAN complete solutions

Beyond our technical capabilities, we have established a robust and diverse partner network of top-tier IoT companies.

Discover the full extent of our expertise and offerings. Get in touch with our trusted partners or join us as a partner and let us help you take your IoT deployment to the next level.

We deliver connectivity

Get started now with our M2M SIM plan for IoT connectivity

Our exceptional M2M connectivity solutions are backed by over 30 years of experience in telecommunications. Our transparent and easy-to-use IoT solutions are available across Europe, North America and beyond without incurring any additional roaming fees.


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