Melita crafted an IoT technological solution where sensors are attached to public bins, monitoring how whether bins need emptying or require maintenance – significantly cutting back on resources needed to keep public spaces litter free.

As the management of waste becomes ever-more important, responsible institutions need to step up their game and ensure efficient systems that are both time and cost-efficient. Facilities for sorting and recycling waste are becoming more widely available, but the upkeep of these services requires solid operational structures. 

To prevent waste collection bins from overflowing, the bins‘ capacity needs to be regularly checked and emptied as required. Simply relying on human resources to monitor this makes the process lengthy and inefficient. Thankfully, IoT technology can facilitate the process and allow for better management of human resources.

Melita crafted an IoT technological solution where sensors that are attached to the bins, monitor how full the bins are, gauge temperature changes (which might indicate fire) and movements (which might indicate theft attempts). The data from the sensors is then transmitted via Melita’s narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) Network to the waste management company. Based on this data the company can allocate human resources as required, preventing unnecessary trips. The sensors, which are powered by long-life batteries and are compatible with the NB-IoT Network, are attached to waste bins across Malta – from beaches to village cores and public areas, creating an efficient and connected system. 

The benefits of this system are multi-fold. First, it allows for better resource management of waste management companies. Second, it helps reduce emissions and fuel costs because of fewer unnecessary trips. Ultimately, having empty bins at all times encourages consumers to dispose of waste properly, avoiding littering.  To learn more about how melita.io can help your business take advantage of the power of the Internet of Things, contact us

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