What happens if I don’t pay the bill on time?

Your bill due date is always highlighted on your monthly bill and this is always at the end of the respective billing month. Please ensure you settle your bill by this date using one of the available methods of payment. When bills are not settled in time you may incur late payment and suspension fees in line with your contract conditions and if this persists your account may also be suspended until payment is settled. Whilst we understand that this may be result of oversight it is important for your IoT projects to avoid service disruption. When an account has been suspended for late payment, the melita.io portal is still accessible but the only action available at that stage is payment of outstanding bills. Once payment has been received, the account and SIMs will be gradually resumed.

It is important to keep in mind that should your account be terminated due to persistent late payment the SIM cards won’t be able for use anymore and any account usage or label history won’t be accessible going forward.

To avoid such situations, we recommend the use of automated payment such as Direct Debit and PACC (Recurring Credit Card Payment). With automated payments, withdrawal is done automatically on due date.