LoRaWAN: The backbone of The Internet of Things

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Maximise operations with our seamless network, covering vast IoT areas, connecting sensors, and expanding into new territories cost-effectively while safeguarding your data and operations.

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Choose us as your reliable provider to attract a diverse range of customers, municipalities, and infrastructure partners.

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Your complimentary solution for seamless LoRaWAN® connectivity and sensor management. Streamline operations, enhance data security, and optimise performance with confidence and peace of mind.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection of devices that communicate independently through specialised sensors via the Internet. The data that is gathered through the sensors and communicated via these devices is then analysed, displayed, and evaluated through a specialised IoT Platform.

As network providers, we are experts in building and operating networks and therefore make sure that your encrypted data is recorded and safely transferred to your IoT platform. Through our partner network of IoT companies, we can also offer you a wide variety of sensors ideal for your particular need.

By taking on the role of a business partner and not just a service provider, melita.io helps companies and entire cities find their way into the digital future. Easily. Competently. Fairly.

Based in Berlin and Hamburg, melita.io aims at meeting customer needs in the most effective and efficient way by putting the customer’s needs first and adapting the required technology to every unique situation. This involves the setup and operation of a national LoRaWAN network that collects and transfers sensor data to wherever you need it.

Our partner network is made up of many IoT companies of various sizes, that specialise in different solutions and customer requirements. Thanks to this partner network we can offer quick solutions and applications whilst still focusing on providing the best network possible. We provide simple and transparent products and work with you as partners to implement the best solution for your needs.


IoT Sensors

Sensors collect and send your encrypted data.


IoT Sensors

Recording of encrypted data is transmitted to your desired API.


IoT Sensors

Recording of data at the destination API and presentation of data ready for analyses.

Key benefits at a glance
IoT Radio Network for Smart and Industrial Solutions


IoT radio network from smart city to Iiot for your application and sensors


LoRaWAN® radio network fully compliant with the specifications and guidelines of the LoRa Alliance®


Encrypted communication throughout the whole network


Member of the LoRa Alliance®

Streamline your IoT processes


Easily register sensors in bulk or individually through our IoT portal or API


REST API for raw data from the sensors


Secure and reliable transfer of raw sensor data encrypted through Webhook


Complete solutions through our partner ecosystem

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LoRaWAN caters for the most central aspects of the Internet of Things – secure and bidirectional communication between battery operated long-serving sensors and the latest IoT platforms. Our technology is super flexible making it ideal for sensor readings, mobility and coverage, even in hard-to-reach and underserviced areas.