Managing your LoRaWAN connectivity and sensors is a breeze with the portal

Experience seamless management of your LoRaWAN® connectivity with our IoT platform, ensuring optimal efficiency and robust security. Leverage our API toolkit to effortlessly integrate with your CRM, elevating your business operations to new heights of efficiency with our comprehensive solution.

Optimal Efficiency and Robust Security with Our IoT Platform

Our platform allows for seamless management of your LoraWAN connectivity, ensuring both efficiency and security in the process.

LoRaWAN© portal key features

Secure registration and 2-factor authentication (2FA) View sensors and offer details Manage multiple users and profiles Advanced search and filtering functionalities View and download online invoices Easily enrol multiple sensors to the portal Label your sensors and offers with a friendly name Receive messages via webhook URL Reporting for message transactions API kit for external integration

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LoRaWAN caters for the most central aspects of the Internet of Things – secure and bidirectional communication between battery operated long-serving sensors and the latest IoT platforms. Our technology is super flexible making it ideal for sensor readings, mobility and coverage, even in hard-to-reach and underserviced areas.