The backbone of The Internet of Things

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Energy efficient
  • Optimal network coverage including deep indoor penetration
  • Free use of sensor management portal

Secure bi-directional connectivity

As connectivity providers, we are experts in building and operating networks and therefore make sure that your encrypted data is recorded and safely transferred to your IoT platform. Through our partner network of IoT companies, we can also offer you a wide variety of sensors ideal for your particular needs.

By taking on the role of a business partner and not just a service provider, melita.io helps companies and entire cities find their way into the digital future. Easily. Competently. Fairly

Our partner network is made up of many IoT companies of various sizes, that specialise in different solutions and customer requirements. Thanks to this partner network we can offer quick solutions and applications whilst still focus on providing the best network possible. We provide simple and transparent products and work with you as partners to implement the best solution for your needs.


Sensors Collect and send your encrypted data.


Recording of encrypted data is transmitted to your desired API.


Recording of the data at the destination API and presentation of data ready for analyses.

Manage your Connectivity

Our portal has been designed from the ground up specifically around IoT customer needs enabling you to manage large volumes of sensors and packages.

View sensors and package details Manage multiple users and profiles Advanced search and filtering functionalities Support requests and notifications
Secure registration and 2-factor authentication Label your sensors and offers with a friendly name Online billing and payments Webhook or REST API kit for sensor data and encrypted communication

Key benefits at a glance


Carrier-grade IoT radio network for your application


Webhook or REST API for raw sensor data and bi-directional encrypted communication


Easy registration of sensors via IoT portal


Highest energy-efficient solution with long battery life

Challenge us

LoRaWAN caters for the most central aspects of the Internet of Things – secure and bidirectional communication between battery operated long-serving sensors and the latest IoT platforms. Our technology is super flexible making it ideal for sensor readings, mobility and coverage, even in hard-to-reach and underserviced areas.