Elevating Hattersheim: Pioneering IoT Solutions Beyond Heating Systems


Hattersheim, located along the picturesque river Main, is a testament to forward-thinking digitalisation. In 2019, the city boldly embraced innovation by opting for state-of-the-art IoT wireless technology for remote sensor management. This visionary step materialised thanks to a robust collaboration between HEY iiOOTE, a leading authority in smart consumption meters, sensors, and dashboards, and melita.io, the German LoRaWAN radio network operator, extending nationwide coverage. The radio network covers the entire city area.

Guided by Alexander Schwarz, spearheading the Economic Development Department, and Guido Faust, the IT Manager of Hattersheim, the city embarked on a transformative journey by adopting cutting-edge LoRaWAN-based wireless technology. This strategic choice positions Hattersheim strategically to confront the digital challenges of the future. Guido Faust, expressing his enthusiasm, remarked, “Our initial strides involve the installation of water meters and smart radiator thermostats, which signify our inaugural contributions to resource conservation in Hattersheim. The synergistic collaboration among the three parties involved has been truly exceptional.”

The adaptability of this wireless technology ushers in a plethora of opportunities, ranging from river and watercourse level monitoring to streamlined car park management, precise radiator adjustments, and dependable smoke alarm systems, all within the expansive domain of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Tobias Stiepak, the visionary CEO of MIOT melita.io Technology GmbH, underscores the transformative potential of this technology as more sensors are integrated and additional applications are introduced. Stiepak points out, “This technology stands out not only for its remarkable adaptability but also for its substantial capacity to enhance efficiency and drive cost savings. Resource conservation has emerged as a paramount concern, and by managing heating thermostats via LoRaWAN, we offer a sustainable means to reduce CO2 emissions with manageable effort.”


About MIOT melita.io Technology GmbH

From Smart Cities to Industry 4.0: melita.io offers simple, transparent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions based on LoRaWAN radio network and SIM cards to companies, cities and municipalities across Europe. On the way to a digital future, melita.io relies on a broad, established partner network for smart applications and services in the Internet of Things. The company acts locally, thinks globally and combines the most powerful internet network with the most modern mobile network for holistic answers. melita.io is part of the Melita Group, a proven expert in intelligent, customised telecommunications solutions for over 30 years.

About iioote Deutschland UG

HEY IIOOTE, based in Reutlingen, is a solution provider for smart cities, infrastructure, smart buildings, and sustainable farming. Over 40 solutions can be found in their portfolio with direct customer impact.

The core of Hey iioote’s vision is the WEB IOT platform. Through this, the company connects and analyses sensor data and visualises it for customers in maps, bars, columns and according to individual specifications. The required information is generated from each project with the support of artificial intelligence and over 200 different sensors.

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