Hilden Takes a Bold Leap into the Digital Era with LoRaWAN Network


Hilden, a strategically located city between Düsseldorf, Solingen, and Wuppertal in North Rhine-Westphalia, is embracing the digital revolution. Thanks to a dynamic partnership between local innovator ITUMA GmbH and nationwide LoRaWAN leader melita.io, Hilden is taking its first significant step towards a more connected future.

Today marks a pivotal moment as the western business district of Hilden unveils its cutting-edge digital infrastructure. ITUMA GmbH’s meticulous deployment of the LoRaWAN gateway empowers local businesses to tap into an array of possibilities unlocked by digital transformation.

ITUMA GmbH and melita.io have formed a partnership to bring Internet of Things (IoT) applications to Hilden. The first step is to provide extensive LoRaWAN radio coverage for the western commercial hub, thanks to ITUMA GmbH’s rooftop location. This coverage offers exciting opportunities for local businesses and the community.

This strategic upgrade enables local businesses to fine-tune operations through IoT applications, boost energy efficiency, and innovate new business models anchored in the capabilities of LoRaWAN technology. Progress and innovation driven by connectivity as a service play a pivotal role for businesses and communities in today’s landscape.


Simon Marg, Managing Director of ITUMA, exclaims, “I am thrilled to have a partner like melita.io by our side to master the next steps towards end-to-end (E2E) digitisation. melita.io’s provision of the IoT network gives us a competitive advantage in our product offerings as we embark on this digital journey.”

With this collaborative initiative, Hilden paves the way for a digital future where opportunities for businesses and community advancement thrive on the transformative power of connectivity and innovation.

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