IoT: Benefits to Energy Management 


Many environmental and economical benefits have already been achieved by integrating IoT (Internet of Things) solutions in Energy Management Systems.

With governments, consumers, and businesses from around the world looking at different ways of doing this, these advanced technologies have already given way to smart grids, reduced costs, improved security, and enhanced efficiency. has partnered with AIS Technology – experts in providing end-to-end engineering – to provide customers with tailor-made IoT connectivity and solutions. provides connectivity through LoRaWAN and mobile networks, including NB-IoT, depending on the client’s needs and the solution provided by AIS Technology.

These are 3 of the benefits that clients experience when IoT solutions are integrated with Energy Management Systems.

Reduced energy costs

Smart metering, the ability to monitor power in real-time, and the visibility to make data-driven decisions and predictions are just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities to reduce energy costs with IoT solutions are in fact endless.

Reducing carbon emissions

IoT solutions maximise resource efficiency and make measuring environmental impact easy. As a result, clients can implement future-proof strategies which aid the transition to net-zero emissions. In addition,’s LoRaWAN network is designed for maximum energy efficiency. Not only is it extremely efficient in transmitting small data packages, but LoRaWAN sensors can live up to 10 years on one single battery charge.

Automated processes

Smart automated solutions enable utility providers, power distributors and producers, to modernise their operational systems with automated on-site asset management, improved maintenance operations, and dynamic pricing calculations. Such systems reduce the time and effort spent on energy analysis by 60%. 

With LoRaWAN connectivity from and IoT solutions from AIS technology, we provide secure and bidirectional communication between highly efficient long-lasting sensors and the latest IoT platforms. Both LoRaWAN and NB-IoT networks provide great connectivity for IoT sensor readings, localisations, mobility and coverage, even in the most remote and hard-to-reach areas.

A Case Study: AIS Technology and provided a bespoke IoT Solution to increase energy efficiency for a Building Management System (BMS)

The aims of the solution were the following :

  • Ease of access and control of building systems
  • Remotely monitor and optimise energy consumption
  • Remotely and automatically control and adjust air temperature
  • Remotely monitor all heat pumps
  • Improve ventilation and indoor air quality

By installing a tailor-made IoT BMS solution, AIS technology provided the client with centralised control of the building’s air-conditioning, ventilation, heating, lighting, and other utility systems. By comparing real-time measurements to pre-set markers, the BMS can automatically detect and quickly react to changes.

The client can now monitor all building systems and adjust to their needs. With the end user’s objectives in mind, the automated system works in the background, eliminating the need for daily input by personnel. The IoT-driven BMS also collects and stores all energy-related data. Authorised personnel can access the secure data at any time via’s customer portal which is cloud-based and available from anywhere.

This is just one example of how IoT can enhance a company’s operational efficiency. By using integrated devices, streamlined communications, and the best IoT connectivity networks, AIS Technology and offer solutions that make day-to-day operations manageable, efficient and cost-effective. 

To learn more about how can help your business harness the power of the Internet of Things, contact us. 



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