IoT facilitates Electrical Vehicle Charging to meet Global Green Goals


As the world becomes more and more concerned about the environment and Global Green Goals take more priority, each one of us is looking for ways to help save the planet by reaching these goals.  

Businesses and individuals alike are concerned with reducing carbon dioxide emissions, conserving energy, and reducing the use of unsustainable fossil fuels. As a result of this concern, Electrical Vehicles (EVs) are gaining more and more popularity all over the world, and with them, the market and demand for smart charging stations are also on the rise.  

Traditionally, electrical vehicle charging stations have been far and in between. They’ve also been hard to set up, manage and maintain, but with Electric Vehicle (EV) global sales predicted to grow more than 18% annually through 2025, the need for more charging stations that are easier to find and manage is growing as well. is offering an IoT solution to help meet this demand. It offers a connected solution to make charging stations more accessible thus reducing drivers’ charge point anxiety, and also making payment transactions more simple, more efficient, and the whole operation easier to monitor and manage.

The EV challenges

The currently fragmented EV charging station network makes it difficult for drivers to find a convenient station whenever needed. In addition, car battery capacities also vary significantly and the absence of frequent and available charging depots for longer periods can also be a deterrent for new potential drivers to make the switch to EVs.

In some cases, charging an electrical vehicle could take hours but, the availability of charging spots in car parks or malls where vehicles can be parked for longer periods are currently a rare find.

Charging customers for their consumption has to date also been complicated and difficult to manage, since making sure that EV charging stations are constantly online sometimes proves problematic making data transmission a particular weak point.

The IoT Solution for EV charging from

Thanks to the mobile connectivity offered by this can be achieved without the need for direct physical internet connectivity. Infrastructurally proposes the construction of charging pillars with an inbuilt mobile connectivity module that ensures continuous online connectivity that transmits information from the charging pillar to a drivers’ mobile app, and back to a specialised IoT dashboard that provides real-time data to management.

The IoT solution from addresses the need for a mobile app that helps drivers locate a nearby station, schedule a time to charge their vehicle, and pay for their consumption in just a few easy steps. 

In essence, the solution from facilitates the construction, management, and maintenance of the charging stations, and provides a user-friendly interface for all stakeholders.

All of this will continue to reduce driver anxiety about not finding a charging station in time and whenever needed, which will, in turn, continue to encourage the switch to EV vehicles, thus reducing air and noise pollution that will help save the planet.

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