IoT revolutionises energy efficiency in buildings 


In today’s fast-paced world, where sustainability and energy efficiency are gaining paramount importance, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to reduce costs and minimise their carbon footprint. Different industries are finding innovative ways to optimise the use of resources such as energy, water, and raw materials and in most cases, this involves implementing energy-efficient technologies, adopting renewable energy sources, and investing in sustainable infrastructure. By reducing resource consumption and waste generation, companies not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also lower their operating costs. 

Heatmanager UG and its sister company HEY IIOOTE, are leading IoT (Internet of Things) solution providers based in Reutlingen, Germany. Through their partnership with they offer a smart platform for intelligent heating control, energy monitoring and energy management. By using battery-operated thermostat sensors, the solution significantly improves the way owners of residential, administrative, care, and hotel buildings save heating energy. 

The Business Challenge

Over 50% of residential buildings in Germany currently reside in unfavourable energy conditions. Tenants and occupants face escalating expenses while necessary energy-saving measures involve lengthy and complex processes. Administrative buildings in particular, suffer from wasteful heating practices, with rooms being heated 24/7 despite actual usage typically being less than 25% of the day. Hotels and care facilities also face similar energy-efficient heating challenges, with round-the-clock heating and unnecessary energy waste due to open windows and unoccupied rooms.


By understanding the unique requirements of their clients, Heatmanager and offer an IoT solution that enables individual control of every radiator connected to an adaptive learning thermostat. As Heatmanager’s connectivity partner, provides the necessary LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) connectivity, ensuring seamless and efficient communication between devices, all of which enjoy long battery life.

The IoT Solution

The individualised control of thermostats based on usage behaviour, is facilitated through an advanced management platform and an IoT portal which provides real-time visibility and control over all connected devices, ensuring they are operating properly and allowing for proactive troubleshooting. The portal is cloud-based, accessible from anywhere with internet access, and designed with strong security measures, including 2-factor authentication. The portal aims to streamline device management processes. By leveraging smart technology, building owners can optimise heating patterns according to specific needs, significantly reducing energy waste and associated costs.

The Benefits

Substantial Cost Savings: Targeted and demand-oriented heating can save thousands of Euros in heating costs, leading to potential savings of up to 30%. Lower ancillary costs make residential properties more attractive, facilitating better rental opportunities or higher profitability in sales transactions.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: By actively countering unnecessary energy consumption, businesses contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. This solution empowers clients to align their operations with sustainable practices and play their part in mitigating climate change.

The integration of smart wireless thermostats, Heatmanager UG’s smart platform and’s wireless network (LoRaWAN) presents an invaluable solution to the energy challenges faced by residential, administrative, care, and hotel buildings. With their individualised control and demand-oriented heating, clients can achieve substantial cost savings, enhance property attractiveness, and contribute to a greener future. 

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