and IOT Solutions present a future-proof IoT wastewater management solution


Water is the planet’s most important natural resource. Without it, there’s no life, let alone commercial and industrial activities. The worrying truth, however, is that only a small percentage (2%) of the earth’s surface water can be safely consumed. This means that incorporating treated water to meet global demands is not only necessary but fundamental for our survival.  

Harmful chemicals in water and/or the water table pose very serious risks to humans and the environment. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury and even arsenic can accumulate in water sources and cause grave and long-term health consequences in humans and animals.

Pesticides and herbicides, which are very commonly used in agricultural processes, often enter water sources and can also cause chronic health effects and genetic defects. The improper disposal of industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals also poses a serious risk to water quality, thus making effective strategies for chemical detection and wastewater management an absolute must to protect human and animal health as well as environmental sustainability. 

Wastewater treatment systems remove contaminants from used water, making it safe to return to the earth’s water body or to use for industrial purposes. Whilst treating water significantly reduces our environmental impact on the planet, it traditionally involved complex systems, techniques, maintenance, and continuous upgrades. Water treatment systems operate on a 24/7 basis, making them expensive to install and taxing to maintain, but now, as is happening with many other applications, IoT (Internet of Things) technology is revolutionising the way wastewater treatment is managed through innovative M2M solutions. 

In partnership with IoT Solutions Ltd, is enabling a smart wastewater solution using the best wastewater sensor devices for sewage and wastewater level management in both private and public sewers as well as cesspit tanks. The real-time data collected by this future-proof wastewater level and tilt sensor is transmitted to a specialised IoT platform over’s IoT mobile and LoRaWAN networks and is easily integrated with a mobile monitoring system. 

Thanks to this partnership between IOT Solutions and, it is now possible to gather real-time data such as water quality, flow rates, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chemical composition, and treatment processes. Since all this is done remotely, operators can very quickly identify and respond to issues as soon as they arise. This reduces the risk of pollution incidents and almost eliminates the risk of any downtime.  


In the medium to long term, the data collected by this IoT solution can be utilised to optimise the process and improve the outcome by identifying bottlenecks and other issues. The same system and devices can be deployed to monitor the condition of equipment such as pumps and valves. In this way, maintenance works can be scheduled, and preventive measures can be taken proactively. By combining the information from different IoT sensors and sites, it becomes possible to develop predictive models and forecast issues, thus increasing the efficiency, and improving the reliability and sustainability of wastewater treatment processes.

To ensure longevity and good ROI, IoT Solutions have made sure that the devices are sealed for extra reliability and security and make use of tried and tested quality materials and design in order to endure the harshest and most remote environments. And finally, a flexible antenna configuration together with the latest NB-IoT, LPWAN, and LTE technologies from ensures dependable communication with the lengthiest battery life. 

As freshwater gets scarcer by the day, and IoT Solutions are empowering water treatment and management systems with the latest IoT technology and expertise. This also reduces the costs of operating such systems and offers a new lifeline for different applications and environmental sustainability.

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