Modern technology for water monitoring


“Smart City” Neu-Anspach in the Taunus region relies on an early warning system to prevent flooding

The city of Neu-Anspach is preparing itself for floods: m2m Germany, a Wehrheim-based project development company and specialist for intelligent and low-energy wireless communications, and the LoRaWAN network operator, have installed an antenna with several sensors in the Westerfeld district to detect rising water levels at an early stage. The aim is to prevent future flooding. The companies worked closely with Neu-Anspach officials to provide the necessary technical expertise.

In the past, parts of the Hochtaunus district have been affected by flooding after streams and rivers burst their banks following rainfall. The city has taken action: The new sensors on Mühlstraße in the Westerfeld district are designed to report high water levels in good time and forward them to the fire department or public works department so that they can respond in good time. Initially, one antenna was installed, but other locations are to follow. With and its system partner m2m Germany from the neighbouring community of Wehrheim, two specialists in wireless communication technologies implemented the wireless solution.

Modern technology for water monitoring

“With the newly installed sensors, we can keep an eye on the water levels at all times. This allows us to react appropriately to rising water levels, take appropriate countermeasures and thus protect our residents from flooding,” explains Markus Wolf, Head of Technical Services & Landscape of the City of Neu-Anspach.

The solution is intended to be a model for other cities and municipalities in the region – the potential applications are many: early detection of fires, predictive water management, heating regulation, measurement of indoor climate and air quality in schools or daycare centres, noise measurements on busy roads, etc.

“Once operational, the technology is a reliable early warning system for cities and municipalities. It provides important measurement data in real-time and ensures a constant overview of potential municipal risk areas,” says Tobias Stiepak, Managing Director of MIOT Technology GmbH.

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