Optimising fuel management through collaboration and IoT innovation


Fuel management plays a pivotal role in the sustainability and efficiency of businesses, impacting everything from operational costs and quality of service to environmental footprint. As organisations strive to optimise their operations, the importance of effective fuel management cannot be overstated. By leveraging the latest IoT technology and connectivity solutions, a collaboration between PH Borg Ltd, IoT Solutions Malta and melita.io is driving transformative change in the fuel management industry in Malta and abroad.

Partnering for innovation

PH Borg Ltd is a leading fuel supplier in Malta with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, the company offers a range of high-quality fuel solutions tailored to meet its customers’ diverse needs.  “Innovative fuel management solutions are crucial for enhancing customer satisfaction and transparency,” explains Luke Borg, General Manager at PH Borg Ltd. “We are committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance our services and provide transparency to our customers.” 


The challenges are real

Companies like PH Borg Ltd face a significant challenge in ensuring transparency and accuracy in fuel monitoring. Conventional methods frequently need to be revised, resulting in discrepancies and inefficiencies; however, with the proposed solution, IoT technology is harnessed for fuel-level sensing and data transmission. This IoT solution is designed for corporate settings or individual fuel tanks such as those found in homes and farms. It allows for fuel monitoring, ensuring precise and accurate fuel management processes. For example, sensors installed in fuel tanks can monitor fuel levels and transmit data to a centralised system via IoT connectivity provided by melita.io. This real-time data enables stakeholders to monitor fuel usage accurately, detect anomalies promptly, and optimise fuel management strategies accordingly.

A three-way collaboration to drive change and sustainability

This collaborative project focuses on deploying innovative fuel management solutions tailored to the specific needs of PH Borg Ltd’s customers. The objective is to provide transparent, efficient, reliable monitoring capabilities that empower customers to make informed decisions and optimise fuel management.

“IoT Solutions is excited to collaborate with PH Borg Ltd. to revolutionise fuel management through IoT-enabled solutions. Together, we are driving innovation and efficiency in the industry.”—Reuben Camilleri, General Manager of IoT Solutions Malta.

Established in 2017, IoT Solutions Malta specialises in IoT hardware and software development, focusing on building low-power autonomous IoT devices and cloud platforms. IoT Solutions Malta is committed to innovation and disruption and is dedicated to developing and commercialising cutting-edge IoT solutions that drive tangible impact.

melita.io is a member of the Melita Group, dedicated exclusively to delivering flexible and competitive IoT connectivity solutions based on mobile or LoRaWAN to clients worldwide. “melita.io plays a crucial role in enabling seamless communication and data transmission between IoT devices and backend systems”, explains Kenneth Spiteri, Director of Business Innovation at melita.io. “Our expertise in IoT connectivity solutions ensures reliable and secure connectivity, empowering organisations to unlock the full potential of IoT technology.”

The collaboration and partnership between melita.io, IoT Solutions Malta, and PH Borg Ltd represent a significant step forward in the fuel management industry in Malta. This partnership drives transformative change by leveraging IoT technology and connectivity solutions, empowering organisations to optimise their operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

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