Pioneering Smart City Transformation with Full LoRaWAN Coverage


Neu-Anspach, in Taunus region, has embarked on a transformative journey towards becoming a true smart city.

It’s one of the first cities in the Hochtaunus district to achieve complete Internet of Things (IoT) expansion using cutting-edge LoRaWAN wireless technology. This visionary project, a collaboration between Neu-Anspach, m2m Germany, specialists in smart radio communication, and, the LoRaWAN network operator based in Berlin, is setting new standards for digital innovation and urban development.

Building the Foundation: At the outset of this ambitious venture, the city, along with its partners, laid the groundwork for a brighter, smarter future. In the Westerfeld district, an early warning system was deployed, comprising antennas and multiple sensors designed to detect potential flooding. This system has proved invaluable, promptly relaying water level data to the local fire brigade and municipal building yard, ensuring timely responses to potential emergencies.

Citywide Expansion: Spring marked just the beginning of Neu-Anspach’s journey. Encouraged by the initial phase’s success, all stakeholders enthusiastically embraced expanding the LoRaWAN network throughout the entire city. This expansion opens up a world of possibilities, allowing for the connection of diverse sensors and data collection, analysis, and processing that can drive the city’s progress. The applications are extensive, benefiting both the city and its businesses. These include remotely readable water meters, soil moisture sensors for plant health, real-time parking space occupancy displays, and efficient street lighting control. Additionally, intelligent heating control promises substantial energy savings.

Markus Wolf, Head of Technical Services & Landscape at Neu-Anspach, commends this forward-thinking decision, emphasising its positive impact on the city and its residents. He states, “I am pleased about this trend-setting step of the city, which was taken in close cooperation and coordination with our local technological partners. As a pioneer in the region, we are demonstrating digitalisation in practice, which ultimately benefits everyone in Neu-Anspach with its diverse fields of application.”


Collaboration for Success: This ambitious endeavour required collaboration and ingenuity. Neu-Anspach worked closely with the local fire brigade to install gateways on various buildings. These compact devices emit radio signals that connect with the sensors, enabling seamless data transmission. Importantly, the low radio signal exposure from LoRaWAN gateways ensures the safety of residents. Despite the long range of the radio signal, the exposure is much lower than that of a radio landline phone.

Looking Forward: Tobias Stiepak, CEO of MIOT Technology GmbH, expresses pride in contributing to Neu-Anspach’s digital transformation. He affirms, “We are pleased that we were once again able to accompany this digitisation stage of the town and contribute to full coverage with our know-how. We will continue to accompany Neu-Anspach on its way.”

Neu-Anspach’s adoption of LoRaWAN technology signifies a progressive leap towards a smarter and more efficient city. With full coverage and innovative applications, this initiative demonstrates the power of collaboration and forward-thinking urban planning. As Neu-Anspach paves the way for digitalisation, it offers a promising future vision for cities worldwide.

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