Revolutionising the retail industry with IoT


The number of ways in which the Internet of Things (IoT) can improve business operations and human experiences are endless.  In the retail industry, it is now giving retailers the visibility, agility and quick-fix solutions that they need to monitor their products – from tracking their location to keeping an eye on their condition, and also predicting product delivery time.

By partnering with leading global providers Iioote AB, is delivering these groundbreaking benefits and more to key players in the retail industry.  The offering simplifies management and scalability through the provision of real-time data on one single platform. The insights from this data in turn enable retailers to take actions based on real-time measurable information.

How does it work?

Simply put, the IoT solution utilises’s LoRaWAN or NB-IoT networks and involves the installation of smart sensor devices that are attached to products, shelves, equipment and other objects. The sensors wirelessly connect to the internet and send seamless bidirectional communication to a central platform.

This information, such as mobility and localization data, is delivered to the customer on any smart mobile device, in real-time, and wherever they happen to be.  This brings retailers the data they need to optimise all of their retail operations including the design of their retail outlets, the customers’ in-store experience, and in some cases even the possibility of automating certain services and operations. 

What are the benefits?

By bringing IoT to retail stores, the offering from Iioote AB and is revolutionising customers’ in-store experiences, decreasing wastage, improving security, reducing theft,  automating re-stocking, alerting the malfunctioning of equipment, decreasing head-count and improving overall operations.

The wireless battery-powered sensors are easy to deploy, and increasing or decreasing their number is relatively easy. They require low power to function making their battery life incredibly efficient. The information they gather is transmitted through’s networks which function efficiently in any environment including hard-to-reach and remote places such as underground storage spaces.

With all this real-time data in hand, which can be saved for long-term analyses, players in the retail industry can make effective and efficient changes to improve overall productivity, operations and profits. The solution makes it possible to track sales, analyse traffic, monitor products, automate scheduling, alert restocking situations through smart shelves, and reduce energy costs with the touch of a button.

IoT is disrupting today’s retail industry by increasing the quality of consumer connections, improving communications with suppliers, cutting down on costs and wastage and reducing time spent on routine operations such as documentation, re-stocking, as well as attracting and retaining customers.

To find out more about how can help your retail business with the Internet of Things, contact us.

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