Safety First with IOT trackers


Regardless of the size of a construction site, the safety of operators and the management of resources are always of paramount importance.  Compared to other industries, the incidence of onsite accidents and injuries is very high in the construction world. The industry has always sought ways to reduce this rate and make working conditions safer.

Worker-tracking IoT solutions from AIS Technology and are now meeting this challenge head-on not only by improving the safety of crew member, but also by optimising operations and management protocols.

Having full visibility of all the workers on site, knowing in which zone they are working, and their movements can reduce accidents. For starters, with these tracking solutions, in the event of an incident like an explosion, a fire or a collapse, every operator can be tracked and accounted for in real time.

By intervening in the various trades and drastically reducing the number of incidents, improvement in the safety of a construction site also results in improved overall performance.

The tracker that helps you!

AIS Technology and have developed a tried and tested multi-sensor IoT device.  It is being offered to the construction industry as part of a turnkey solution with a cloud-based platform.

The tracker has a versatile mounting system that can be fixed to any object and worn on a belt. The device is highly configurable and supports multiple button modes and actions. It also includes an integrated buzzer and LED that can be used to provide feedback to the user. When configured to act as an SOS button, when pressed, it immediately sends out an alert to the head office indicating which worker requires assistance as well as their real-time geo-location.

Another important use of the device is its man-down function. The tracker automatically detects if a worker is standing or lying down, and by using AI intelligence if certain pre-set parameters are exceeded, for example, the acceptable duration of the lying down position, an alert is sent out to the control room, and immediate assistance is deployed.

The technology allows strong and stable long-range transmission over’s IOT mobile and LoRaWAN networks and is easily integrated with a mobile monitoring system. 

Technology plays a very important role in our day-to-day operations. Using it in industries where health and safety are at a higher risk is an added value to any company. It also offers peace of mind to the workers themselves by making them feel safe and secure on the construction site.

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