Smart City Maintal


Maintal, the second largest city in the Main-Kinzig district, has achieved complete coverage of its districts with the LoRaWAN network through the successful installation of several antennas and sensors throughout the city with the collaboration between Technology GmbH, Hey IIOOTE and the municipality.

The LoRaWAN network enables the city to gather valuable insights that can inform its decision-making processes, improve the quality of services, and enhance the safety and security of its residents and businesses. Various applications, such as noise measurements on heavily trafficked roads, humidity measurements, and door and fire protection monitoring, among others, can now be implemented throughout the city.

“To cover all districts of Maintal with a LoRaWAN network was a declared goal of the city. We are pleased to have contributed to the successful cooperation with our IoT connectivity solutions. The expansion with further fields of application is promising,” expressed Tobias Stiepak, CEO of MIOT Technology GmbH.

Anke Prätzas, from the Economic Development Department of the City of Maintal, added, “Maintal is moving forward with network expansion and is pushing digitalisation in its area of responsibility. We are pleased about the full coverage achieved in the city area together with, which benefits citizens and businesses alike.”

The integration of all city districts into the radio network was a key goal of this project, which has been successfully achieved through the use of the LoRaWAN network, a low-power wireless communication protocol, providing a robust, reliable, and secure communication platform for the city. The installation of several antennas and sensors throughout the city marks a significant step towards the digitalisation of Maintal, positioning it as an attractive destination for those seeking to reside and operate in a smart city.

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MIOT Technology GmbH is proud to have played a significant role in contributing their IoT connectivity solutions to the successful digitalisation of Maintal. They are committed to continuing their mission to create smart cities that are efficient, safe, and sustainable.

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