Smart thermostats for sustainable municipalities: How Neckarwestheim saved significantly on energy consumption


The town of Neckarwestheim in the Baden-Württemberg region has partnered with and HEATMANAGER to pave the way for a more sustainable future. The town has installed smart thermostats in various municipal buildings, leveraging the LoRaWAN infrastructure provided by, a German IoT connectivity provider based in Berlin. HEATMANAGER, the smart thermostat company, supplies the application solution for building heating control.


This modernisation has resulted in impressive energy savings of up to 30% for Neckarwestheim. Following the successful installation and analysis of the thermostat project, Mayor Jochen Winkler is already planning further initiatives to optimise energy and water consumption digitally. Furthermore, Neckarwestheim is exploring the introduction of smart street lighting to save even more energy. 

Smart thermostats play a crucial role in building a sustainable future, and Neckarwestheim is setting an example by being a frontrunner in adopting this innovative technology. By installing smart thermostats, the town has achieved significant energy savings and laid the foundation for other innovative solutions in the future.

To learn more about this future-oriented project, watch Mayor Jochen Winkler’s video to see how smart thermostats can help your city save up to 30% of energy costs. 


Join Neckarwestheim in leading the way towards a sustainable future.

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HEATMANAGER is an innovative IoT solution provider that enables municipalities, businesses, and property managers to reduce heating energy costs by up to 30%. The platform integrates smart thermostats and various solutions for different types of buildings, such as centralised options for hotels, businesses, and residential buildings, as well as decentralised options for residential properties, allowing residents to create and assign their heating schedules. HEATMANAGER provides solutions for office buildings that enable employees to heat rooms based on their presence or absence, even when working remotely. The cutting-edge technology ensures optimal heating energy usage while providing maximum comfort and convenience for clients.

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