The LoRa Alliance® –  a collaborative platform driving change across the globe

Article is a full and active member of the LoRa Alliance®, a non-profit organisation founded to promote and standardise LoRaWAN® technology for IoT applications. LoRaWAN® is a wireless communication protocol that enables devices to communicate over long distances while consuming minimal power.

The alliance is made up of industry leaders from different sectors of the industry who collaborate to develop and promote the adoption of LoRaWAN® technology.  Members include network operators, device manufacturers, system integrators, and end-users. Through collaboration, the alliance provides a platform for sharing knowledge, technology development, and promoting interoperability between devices and networks.

In addition to its collaborative work, the LoRa Alliance®  manages the LoRaWAN® certification programme. This ensures that devices and networks conform to the LoRaWAN® standard and are interoperable with other LoRaWAN® devices and networks. The programme offers a range of testing and certification services, including functional testing, interoperability testing, and end-to-end testing.

Since its inception in 2015, the LoRa Alliance® has been instrumental in driving the growth and adoption of LoRaWAN® technology in various IoT applications, including smart cities, industrial IoT, agriculture, and asset tracking. It brings together a diverse ecosystem of companies, including technology providers, network operators, system integrators, device manufacturers, and end-users, with the common goal of driving the adoption of LoRaWAN® technology globally.

The alliance currently has over 400 members worldwide and continues to expand its reach and influence in the IoT industry.


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