Unfolding the Next Chapter of a Successful Smart City Project


Unveiling the Swift Digitalisation Leap: Meißen’s Progressive Stride with Modern Wireless Technology

In a bold stride toward the future, Meißen, a city nestled in Saxony, has embarked on a remarkable journey of digitalisation. Just over a year ago, the city set the stage by introducing over 100 sensors within its core, signalling its foray into the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, the city takes another momentous step forward as it collaborates with two industry leaders; m2m Germany, a pioneer in intelligent wireless communication, and melita.io, a premier LoRaWAN network operator.

Now the municipality is further expanding its long-range LoRaWAN radio network. This expansion will enhance connectivity to all corners of the city, paving the way for numerous smart solutions and digital innovations that will transform urban living. As Meißen moves towards a digital future, its vision of a seamlessly interconnected cityscape becomes a reality, offering residents and visitors a glimpse of the exciting future ahead.

In Germany’s digital landscape, cities and municipalities are not neglected. Many municipal leaders are leading by example. One such leader is the city of Meißen in Saxony, which laid the foundation last year for the desired full coverage of LoRaWAN and gateways to support multiple sensors.The fields of application are diverse: clean cities, thanks to fill-level-dependent waste emptying, car park management or the recording of limit levels in the water supply are just some of the applications that have been tested and implemented. Now the city is taking positive stock of the pilot project and will implement a full expansion of the network.

“The city of Meißen has gathered a lot of data information through the sensors in the past months and has made smart decisions based on this data without using additional resources. We see ourselves confirmed in our path and look forward to creating real added value for our community and resident businesses with our partners,” says David Hermann, Head of the Office for Information Technology and Digitalization of the City of Meißen.

With more installations of sensors and the introduction of further applications, various processes can be adapted to the digital age, emphasises Tobias Stiepak, CEO of melita.io: “The technology is not only impressive because of its sheer universal applicability, but also because of its high relief and savings potential. Many processes can be digitally simplified for the benefit of businesses and citizens – sustainably and with manageable effort.”


About MIOT melita.io Technology GmbH:


From Smart Cities to Industry 4.0: melita.io offers simple, transparent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions based on LoRaWAN radio network and SIM cards to companies, cities, and municipalities across Europe. On the way to a digital future, melita.io relies on a broad, established partner network for smart applications and services in the Internet of Things. The company acts locally, thinks globally, and combines the most powerful internet network with the most modern mobile network for holistic answers. melita.io is part of the Melita Group, a proven expert in intelligent, customised telecommunications solutions for over 30 years.

About m2m Germany GmbH

As a specialist and full-service provider for M2M and IoT solutions, m2m Germany has been implementing digitisation projects based on modern wireless technologies such as 5G, LTE, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN and NB-IoT since 2007. Hardware and software solutions for LPWAN applications – from sensors to dashboard visualisation – form a focal point in the company’s portfolio and are suitable additions for LoRaWAN network operators.

m2m Germany has many years of national and international experience in development and research projects. The company works in partnership with medium-sized and large companies and cities, municipalities, utilities and waste disposal companies. It brings the necessary agility and flexibility for digitisation projects.

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