Unlocking the Potential of IoT in Bochum:


PHYSEC and melita.io join forces to install LoRaWAN Gateway for local businesses.

Bochum is a large city in the Ruhr region of Germany with a population of around 360,000 people. The city is situated between Essen and Dortmund, and it is recognised as one of the most significant cities in the country. 

Recently, PHYSEC GmbH, a local company that specialises in the Internet of Things (IoT) cyber security, collaborated with melita.io, a German IoT connectivity provider based in Berlin, to install a LoRaWAN gateway in the industrial park of the former Opel site in Bochum. This gateway provides a digital infrastructure for local companies to optimise their operations and processes through IoT applications. PHYSEC carried out the installation of the LoRaWAN gateway, and it offers excellent coverage in the area due to its strategic placement on the company’s roof area. 

Local businesses can leverage this digital infrastructure to promote energy efficiency and discover and test new business models based on LoRaWAN technology. This partnership between PHYSEC and melita.io has laid the foundation for the possibility of introducing IoT applications in Bochum. 

This collaboration exemplifies how progress and innovation through partnerships can lead to commercial advantages for companies and municipalities alike. Bochum is now at the forefront of digital innovation, inspiring other communities to embrace collaboration and digitalisation to unlock new possibilities. 

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PHYSEC GmbH is a pioneering deep-tech company that takes a comprehensive approach to IoT security. It emerged as a spin-off from the renowned Bochum Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security (HGI), and leverages insights gathered from research, regulatory authorities, and industry. They have over six years of experience in deploying successful use cases tailored for the utility sector and Critical Information Infrastructures Security (CRITIS).

One of their noteworthy contributions is the heralded IoTree® software, which is a testament to their commitment to offering unparalleled capabilities for vendor-independent end-to-end solutions. This advanced software enables secure digitalisation of utility infrastructures and ensures comprehensive security and efficiency of the entire system.

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