A new smart solution for the horti-and agricultural industry


Like many other businesses, the horticulture industry faces many challenges. Rapid climate change and water becoming a rare commodity are probably the top two issues the industry has always struggled with. 

In addition to these two global complications, in most countries, the horticulture industry is also facing difficulties finding enough manual labourers to sustain and expand their operations. 

An IoT solution to reduce water wastage and manual intervention

Traditionally, no matter how hard an agricultural enterprise tried to reduce its water usage, imprecise water management and water wastage were the order of the day. Inevitably, this resulted in high cost and inefficient operations, which, for years have strongly indicated the need for a more precise way of preserving and utilising water.

Automating operations such as irrigation has helped somewhat, but now, melita.io, in partnership with Florja, is taking automation one step further by offering a smart IoT solution for sustainable plant management.

The solution is green, smart and resource-saving, both in terms of labour resources as well as natural resources such as water. 

How does this green solution work?

Connected smart devices including smart sensors, dedicated software and melita.io’s networks and gateways, work together to collect, transmit and store real-time data which automates certain actions or enables management to take data-based decisions.

Smart IoT sensors read important values such as moisture levels, soil temperature, salinity levels, and location-related weather data. This information is analysed by specialised software that can automatically trigger actions related to individual watering and care plans. 

The real-time data also acts as an early warning system for quick intervention and thanks to its flexible application interface can also be integrated into third-party systems to manage intelligent irrigation and security.

The benefits are green in more ways than one

With this solution from melita.io and Florja, garden centres, retailers, municipalities, and landscapers can benefit from real-time monitoring, intelligent automation, optimised plant care, focused customer support, needs-based nutrient supply and overall increased efficiency. 

The system makes work plans more efficient by making it possible to optimise physical routes according to specific needs such as pruning needs and fertilisation requirements.

By utilising a cloud-based platform the solution offers high flexibility and design options for any situation. Sensors can be removed or added to the system at any time and by using melita.io’s LoRaWAN wireless technology, the solution ensures absolute control and visibility. The user-friendly interface can be accessed from any wireless smart device such as a smart mobile phone, a computer, or a tablet.

External information such as weather forecasts can also be considered, and the collected data can be stored for analysis to establish long-term changes and trends.  

In short, this is the mobile and location-independent plant monitoring solution that the horticulture industry has been waiting for. With this solution from melita.io and Florja, players in the horticulture industry can be proactive, significantly reduce wastage and become much more efficient and profitable.

To find out more about how melita.io can help your horti-and agricultural business reduce wastage and become more efficient with the Internet of Things, contact us.

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