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With the ultra-modernisation of societies and communities, come more complex urban infrastructures. Typically, these include infrastructural amenities such as roads, sewers, public recreational spaces and of course, street lighting. Streets are the most basic elements of modern urban infrastructures. They serve as a means of transport and are essential public spaces for city dwellers. The safety and security of streets, for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic, is highly related to adequate street lighting. With cities growing at an exponential rate, providing constant full coverage of complex road systems comes with many challenges including the need for more economic and environmentally friendly solutions. 

The main challenges of smart street lighting

Traditionally, any problem with street lighting must be physically detected, reported, and manually seen to. Normally, this occurs through routine maintenance routes, and reports filed by members of the public. In both cases, inadequate or damaged lighting requires various physical visits. This not only engages many resources thus increasing management costs, but also increases the time between problem detection and its solution. The longer this time, the higher the security and safety risk posed by the area in question. Another challenge is having the ability to remotely turn on or dim streetlights according to changes in natural light, or high-crime and pedestrian areas. Traditionally this depended on a timer system that is not agile enough to cater for different variables. provides a smart IoT solution for street lighting is now offering an intelligent solution that reduces energy consumption from street lighting and provides constant real-time visibility of any street lighting system through one centralised IoT dashboard. 

Thanks to this solution all streetlights can be monitored, managed, and controlled from one location. In addition, the system automatically triggers alarms in case of any faults that arise. This means that there is no longer the need for routine physical checks for system failures, providing a more efficient way of providing fully functioning streetlights, no matter how remote a location might be.

The solution requires the simple implementation of smart light bulbs into streetlights which drastically improves the ability to maintain optimum uptime. Through Melita’s LoRaWAN and mobile gateways the bulbs transmit real-time data to a specialised IoT platform. Smart light bulbs are even capable of notifying the system before they go out by calculating their maximum limit of hours in use. By informing maintenance crews in real-time via an SMS notification, a bulb can be replaced before it fails. In the long term, this data can be collated to provide accurate predictive analysis to determine when other light bulbs may be nearing end of life.

With its centralised dashboard, this IoT street lighting solution from makes it possible to monitor streetlight usage and provide lighting only as needed. This smart streetlight solution not only provides more efficient street lighting making streets safer for everyone but by making it possible to monitor the system’s operational status in real-time, it also makes street lighting systems more energy-efficient, reducing both costs and carbon footprint.  

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