An IoT centre of excellence


Melita’s IoT networks provide new IoT solutions and applications that transform operational processes into the most effective, efficient, and productive practices. This was explained by Melita’s Director of Business Innovation Kenneth Spiteri and the company’s Head of Marketing, Mireille Muscat during the Industry 4.0 – Engineering a Smarter Industry Conference that was organised by the Chamber of Engineers.

What is the main benefit of Melita’s IoT Solutions?

The most significant benefit of IoT is its ability to collect and transmit large amounts of information between different devices. This ability enables the automatic monitoring of machines and devices which can also be programmed to prompt precise remote actions.

During the conference, presented various IoT case studies which demonstrated the effectiveness of various IoT applications in real-life situations. These included a case of waste management from the local market and a case of a current trial that is being implemented in the Netherlands – here an IoT solution is helping baristas and coffee suppliers keep coffee machines properly maintained at all times, no matter where they are.


The platform offers customers from all over Europe the possibility of tracking and managing their IoT SIM and Lora sensors from the comfort of their homes or offices.  

On top of Melita’s 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. In Malta, customers can choose between two nationwide IoT connectivity options, both of which require very low power to function – Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and LoRaWan, a long-range, wide-area network.

Thanks to Melita’s nationwide 5G network, latency is highly reduced, making real-time data through near-instantaneous data transfers. This is essential for many IoT applications that depend on accurate automation and precision manufacturing. Through Melita’s 5G network, businesses are also able to craft their own private high-speed networks securing their operations even further. is more than ready for the fourth industrial revolution and everything it brings with it. From a sturdy infrastructure to a myriad of partners, is ready to make Malta the leading centre of excellence for IoT. 

Kenneth Spiteri

Director of Business Innovation

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