Bridging Nations: engages with The Wales Malta Initiative to promote global innovation in the sector of IoT

News, the global IoT connectivity provider with a presence in Malta, Germany and Sweden, announced its collaboration with The Wales Malta Initiative (WMI). WMI is a not-for-profit, UK-based organisation aiming to forge closer ties between the two nations and build collaborations across various sectors, including trade development, culture, sport, tourism, education and research.

The Wales Malta Initiative and will collaborate to support initiatives related to internationalisation, digital technology, green tech, life sciences, and knowledge transfer. Bilateral visits, seminars, and other activities will strengthen ties between Malta and Wales and support collaborative projects and initiatives between Welsh and Maltese individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, universities, and authorities. With a focus on innovation and scaling up, will work closely with Welsh and Maltese IoT solutions partners to maximise opportunities and drive mutual growth.

“We are happy to support the Wales Malta Initiative and contribute to its mission of fostering collaboration between Wales and Malta,” said Kenneth Spiteri, Director of Business Innovation at “As a global IoT connectivity provider, we look forward to leveraging our expertise and resources to support initiatives that drive innovation and growth in both nations.”

Mr Spiteri will be speaking at the Malta Life Sciences Network panel on 29th February, where he will share insights on the latest trends and strategies for IoT implementation and how companies can leverage IoT in their operation.  The event will also cover real-world innovative use cases in the health industry during the Health Innovation and Knowledge Centre discussion. This is a must-attend event for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in IoT innovation.

Reuben Mifsud, co-Chair of WMI based in Wales said “Not many people realise the strong connections that exist between Wales and Malta. Despite a long history that unites the two nations in the community, sport and business, a lot goes unnoticed to this day. We are changing that, highlighting some of the ties that already bind and helping start new initiatives in areas as disparate as academia, culture, tourism, diaspora and governmental collaboration. Wales Week gives us a global platform to shout about all the exciting grassroots initiatives to the world”. The events of Wales Week Malta form part of the wider Wales Week Worldwide calendar of events ( will also actively participate in Wales Week Malta, an annual celebration of Welsh heritage and culture around St David’s Day on 1st March. The event aims to unite Welsh and Maltese audiences, highlighting modern Wales through themed activities spanning business, industry, life sciences, tech, culture, sport, food, and entertainment.

The Wales Malta Health Initiative 2024, led by Eng Joseph Sammut, will be attended by Hon Jo Etienne Abela, the Minister for Health and Active Aging. This initiative is dedicated to enhancing healthcare systems and fostering collaboration avenues. Scheduled for Thursday, 29th February, the event will take place at the Malta Innovation Hub situated in Msida. The agenda includes discussions on infrastructural advancements, skill development, knowledge dissemination, clinical trials, and innovative methodologies. Notably, there will be a spotlight on the life sciences, IoT, and energy domains. provides global, seamless connectivity with a special focus on digital transformation through the Internet of Things. In Wales, there is a buzzing hub of Industry 4.0 outfits with both established companies and start-ups backed by academia. Despite the common traits shared by Malta and Wales, such as their own language, size, and resourceful entrepreneurship, Wales’ enterprises as part of the UK and, with its extended footprint in these mature markets, have the ability to collaborate and bring to market solutions that can have a global reach., the IoT brand of Melita Limited, offers businesses innovative IoT solutions and services worldwide, enabling seamless connectivity and empowering digital transformation. As a trusted partner, collaborates with its network of IoT solutions partners to deliver holistic, reliable, scalable, and secure connectivity solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

Tony Mahoney, former HSBC Continental Europe Deputy CEO, and Reuben Mifsud, Managing Partner of Welsh AI & Automation company Tasika, jointly chair the Wales Malta Initiative (WMI).

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