Extending further with LoRaWAN


Following the successful launch of a Narrowband IoT network and a LoRaWAN based IoT network in Malta and Germany, melita.io is now extending its LoRaWAN connectivity to three main industrial areas in Malta – Bulebel, Marsa and Mriehel.

“The connectivity provided in these three industrial estates will meet many of the requirements of the business industry in Malta, and with more rollouts planned in the next months, we aim at providing close to nationwide LoRaWAN coverage in Malta. Two main business locations are also being tested in Gozo.” Malcolm Briffa, Director of Business Services at melita.io.

With connected smart devices and IoT solutions emerging at an incredible rate, many businesses now rely on smart devices that transmit information to each other and to a centralised portal in real time.

Through unique identifiers, such as smart sensors, the system collects data from each device and transfers it over one of Melita’s connectivity gateways. The data is then processed through an IoT specific software and presented to clients via a cloud-based customer portal. This portal, which is provided for free to all IoT customers, converts the data into meaningful information, and presents it to customers in an easy-to-interpret visual dashboard.

LoRaWAN sensors are wireless, do not require a SIM and can be installed in the most remote indoor or outdoor locations. They also require very low voltage to function, and come with high battery lifetimes.

NB-IoT, the mobile low power WAN equivalent to LoRaWAN, is the most ideal for indoor coverage, in areas that are not served well by traditional cellular networks. Thanks to its optimised network architecture and low device power consumption, NB-IoT efficiently supports considerable numbers of connections very cost-effectively.

NB-IoT (Narrow Band IoT) sensors are also wireless and communicate over a mobile network using a simple SIM card. No gateway is required for NB-IoT devices and melita.io is offering free trials anywhere around the world. The M2M Trial Pack includes 10 sims and can be deployed anywhere where melita.io has a roaming agreement. Find out more about melita.io’s mobile roaming coverage here:  https://www.melita.io/mobile-iot/coverage-spec/

Both connectivity solutions are backed by Melita’s mature and solid infrastructure that includes two data centres built to Tier III specifications.

Melita Ltd first launched a nationwide NB-IoT network in Malta, and now, through its presence in Berlin, Germany also provides IoT connectivity via LoRaWAN and NB-IoT throughout Europe and North America.

melita.io is also a full member of the LoRa Alliance – a non-profit association that promotes the global adoption of the LoRaWAN standard.

Melita.io is offering free trial runs of its LoRaWAN service in certain areas.  Contact us today to find out if your area qualifies for a free trial.

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