Importance of partnerships in IoT and M2M implementations 


Since its inception, our vision for has been that of creating an open relationship with the many specialists along the IoT and M2M value chain.

Delivering an IoT or M2M solution to a client requires various components which in most cases require more than just technical knowledge, but also an intimate understanding of the industry or use case. For end customers, this is beneficial because it avoids them from having to seek individual components, but complete solutions.

This in-depth understanding of the industry provides the end customer with priceless value because it is what enables, better design, better interpretation of data, and therefore better outcomes. This applies in every scenario – whether you are monitoring heat or environmental conditions in a building, whether you are enabling an EV charging platform, or even if you are managing a smart waste collection program. 

As we developed and progressed along our IoT and M2M journey we extended our partnership network by creating a public and online platform making it easier for partners to collaborate, and for customers to find solutions.

Through the website we expose application providers, device manufacturers, system integrators, and more,. Customers may easily browse through the verticals or applications that are relevant to their use case. The partnership program is mostly technology agnostic as we seek to support and enable both use cases implemented by mobile technologies like LTE, 5G, or NB-IoT, as well as those built on LoRaWAN.

The partnership program is also not limited to any specific location since it is expertise and experience that are the fundamental basis of the conversation. To date, we have partners from Germany, Malta, Nordics, Australia, Israel and many more.

If you operate in the IoT and M2M space and can contribute to some part of the value chain, feel free to reach out to become a partner on 

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