IoT CCTV for Construction Sites


For a good number of years, the construction industry has been the backbone of Malta’s economy and like all future-proof industries, it is constantly reinventing and modernising itself. Some of the industry’s long-standing challenges are now being addressed by combining CCTV with one of the most innovative technologies – The Internet of Things (IoT).

Closed-circuit surveillance (CCTV) is not a new technology as it has been around for quite a while with its uses increasing and varying over time. Recent market research shows that CCTV camera sales represent almost 25% of the global video surveillance market (Persistence Market Research 2022).  

Technological developments in hardware and data transfer solutions have helped lower set-up and running costs, making CCTV even more popular.  However, whilst the construction industry never doubted the usefulness of CCTV, construction sites have always presented difficult connectivity and transmission challenges that made CCTV surveillance unfeasible.

In most cases, construction sites are temporary which makes traditional wired video surveillance impractical and unrealistic. In addition, fixed-point monitoring within a construction site is extremely costly. But, despite the difficulties that most construction sites present, this emerging technology has finally made closed-circuit surveillance (CCTV) for construction sites possible, thus ensuring better safety for construction workers, advanced security of building materials and equipment, as well as easier and more efficient communications between workers and management.

This new solution by in collaboration with AIS Technology requires no electricity or cabling, can be deployed very quickly and has very little if any environmental restrictions. The system supports strong and stable long-range transmission over 4G and 5G IoT networks and is easily integrated with a mobile monitoring system. 

Surveillance is possible via real-time monitoring as well as recorded footage. Smart cameras with IoT sensors can be set up in the most remote and challenging environments and adapted to different light and dust conditions. In addition, the same security solution can be reused multiple times thus making it a very profitable and worthy investment.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of this IoT/CCTV solution is that of deterring criminal activity and equipment theft, which can seriously impact operational costs. But, besides preventing crimes and theft of equipment, CCTV surveillance also facilitates the monitoring of human resources, helps to enforce regulations and prevent injuries, enables seamless two-way communication, and makes timely action and reaction possible. and AIS Technology have partnered to offer this cutting-edge CCTV solution specifically tailored to construction sites situated in remote or under-developed regions with limited access to traditional equipment hosting sites or consistent power sources. This innovative solution includes an IoT Data Global SIM, a 4G mobile router equipped with a rugged outdoor enclosure, a solar panel to power remote locations with minimal power availability, and an IoT cloud-based SIM management portal. The SIM management portal, available to all customers at no additional cost, is designed with ease of use in mind, enabling customers to easily manage their IoT-enabled devices, including creating new connections, viewing details of current connections, suspending or reactivating services, and renaming SIM cards as needed. The portal provides an intuitive and convenient way to oversee and control the connected devices in real-time, providing greater flexibility and control over the deployment of CCTV solutions in remote areas.

If you are interested in learning more about how’s IoT solutions can benefit your construction business, we encourage you to get in touch with us today. Our team will be happy to assist you in understanding the full capabilities of this innovative CCTV solution and how it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your construction site.

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