IoT smart water metering


Nowadays, everything is becoming “smart” and the benefits of smart devices are so numerous, that sometimes they are even hard to quantify.

In the case of smart water metering however, the benefits are not only numerous, but also extremely tangible and quantifiable.

Whilst some advantages might be vague or too long-term to be immediately appreciated, being able to gain quick and easy insight into water usage, is indisputably priceless.  

Precise and predictive water management

Earlier this year, partnered with iPLON solutions GmbH in Germany to enable an IoT solution that provides precise and predictive water management to the city of Wüstenrot.

The solution delivers detailed and highly accurate real-time data on water usage consumption and associated costs. It also provides a comprehensive database on flow, pressure, and water quality. Since the smart sensors transmit real-time information they also help detect leaks and even prevent them altogether. This makes water supply management and meeting the water consumption needs of each individual customer much easier and more efficient.

“Our innovative IoT infrastructure is made for predictive water management: it is flexible, scalable and enables the use of sensors that can also be installed deep underground. As a LoRaWAN network provider, we are pleased to have iPLON Solutions as an experienced partner in software development and energy management at our side,” says Tobias Stiepak, CEO of

The reality of our infrastructure

In many old cities and villages, water pipes are outdated and hence prone to damage and leaks.  Brittle pipes are very volatile and cause all sorts of disruptions ranging from lower water flows to complete blockages. However, the issue is not just one of costs because even though leak detection, water wastage and underground pipe repairs are extraordinarily expensive, nowadays, water scarcity is a real issue all over the world, and wastage should be avoided at all costs.

“Water is a rare commodity these days, also in view of climate change. Efficient and sustainable consumption is more than just the order of the day here. Our aim is therefore to get the most out of these smart solutions based on comprehensive sensor data in the analysis. This is what and iPLON Solutions stand for,” adds Edgar Schneider, Managing Director of iPLON Solutions GmbH.

A great opportunity for the water industry

Smart infrastructure is a superb opportunity for companies and municipalities. As and iPLON in Germany have already witnessed, the benefits of meter reading technology range from reducing labour costs for the manual reading of meters to having fewer customer care requirements, bill automation and higher customer satisfaction.

Other advanced and long-term benefits might not be so obvious but are just as useful. The following are just to mention a few:

  • an extended database of information on flow, pressure, and water quality
  • most precise sensors and real-time measurements, including interval readings
  • automatic meter readings AMR/AMI
  • insight generation through data analysis and modelling software
  • prevention of leaks and timely adequate response
  • two-way communication between smart devices and utilities
  • data management software to process and aggregate the collected data
  • automation and control tools that enable water utility providers to perform network management tasks remotely and automatically.

Thanks to IoT smart water metering, data from smart devices is easy and user-friendly to interpret and act upon. A free online portal provided by helps water management companies keep track of all smart devices in real-time, ultimately saving them time and money. The data also facilitates strategic planning with accurate predictions. It also helps identify consumption inefficiencies by constantly tracking the water consumption of individual residences and businesses. All this contributes to saving water and moving towards a more sustainable future.

To learn more about how can help your business take advantage of the power of the Internet of Things, contact us. 

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