LoRa Alliance publishes annual report – Global expansion of the LoRaWAN market in 2022


The LoRa Alliance – the global association formed to standardize the Internet of Things (IoT) using LongRange (LoRa) technology – has just published its 2022 annual report. 

The report reveals that LoRaWAN is no longer a new technology that needs explaining but has now matured into an essential technology that’s driving a significant shift in the market. LoRa is now also approved by ITU as an open international standard and has the largest and most diverse IoT ecosystem.

Melita.io has been a member of the LoRa Alliance for the past three years and in 2019 also led the alliance’s network operator forum. “In 2022, we’ve experienced a major shift in the use of LoRa” explains Matthias Emmermann, head of product and marketing at melita.io. “The technology went from exploration stage to high adoption across a variety of use cases and multiple industries.” 

Market projections are also very encouraging and promising. They indicate that in the coming months, more than 75% of the IoT market will choose LoRaWAN technology, whilst 25% will opt for cellular networks. As the leader of the alliance’s roaming working group, melita.io is working on identifying a common pricing model for LoRaWAN operators. This will continue to improve the LoRaWAN offering creating endless opportunities within the whole LoRaWAN ecosystem.

LoRaWAN not only has the most certified devices but thanks to the LoRa Alliance and the collaboration that it facilitates, its members have the largest number of end-to-end solutions to offer. This makes it easier for customers to find the perfect fit for their needs. Today LoRaWAN has the technical flexibility to address a broad range of IoT applications and it also boasts a strong LoRaWAN certification program which guarantees device performance. 

Through its collaboration and continuous dialogue with other network operators and members of the alliance, melita.io is constantly expanding and growing its deployments. “Globally the LoRaWAN has been deployed by more than 160 major mobile network operators, and through our membership and collaboration, melita.io continues to facilitate and accelerate onboarding, and testing of LoRaWAN solutions.” explained Tobias Stiepak, CEO at melita.io.

We aim to continue to improve the world by exploring new possibilities with industry leaders.  The next LoRa event will take place on March 15 and 16, 2023, in Orlando, Florida, USA. The program will focus on smart cities, smart utilities and smart buildings, providing significant opportunities for business development and collaboration in this area.

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