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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new technology that connects computing devices, machines, objects, animals, and even people, to each other. Through unique identifiers such as smart sensors, the system collects data from each of these ‘things’ and transfers it over a specialised network without the need for human intervention.

This technology has already positively impacted people’s lives, and now businesses all over the world, and in all industries and sectors, are investing and exploring new IoT solutions to improve their operations and create new revenue streams. in Europe, North America and beyond

Melita Ltd. has invested substantively in IoT not only on a local level but also internationally. Having created a dedicated IoT division called, the company offers and delivers IoT services throughout Europe, North America and beyond. All this is backed with a solid infrastructure including two data centres built to Tier III specifications through which Melita also offers a wide variety of different hosting solutions including Infrastructure as a Service, Co-location, Cloud VPS, and Cloud Backup.

Free and simple IoT portal

Specifically designed for IoT clients, developed a customer portal for easy, secure, and clear management of IoT systems. Through this portal, which is provided for free to all IoT customers, the data collected by the smart sensors is managed and converted into meaningful information, easily presented, and visualised through cloud-based dashboards. in Germany

In Germany, is also developing a Long-Range Wide Area Network (LoRAWAN). Through its presence, also complements its investment in LoRAWAN by offering cellular low powered connectivity such as NB-IoT and LTE-M. This enables businesses to become more productive, more efficient, and ultimately more cost-effective. In addition, will provide access to this technology irrespective of the type of sensor in use so that businesses and consumers all over Germany can benefit from the advantages of the Internet of Things.

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For a limited time only, is inviting businesses to test both its plans and management portal for free. Both are designed to be simple and transparent with the ability to handle proprietary systems of any size. The M2M 90-day free trial comes with 10 SIMs with Data and SMS, as well as 100 MB of shared data shared and 100 shared SMS. 

Better together is looking for partners to create a collaboration with. We’re looking for experts and businesses to assist clients through their IoT journey and its complex ecosystem – from smart sensor manufacturers to smart device producers, from system integrators and connectivity providers, we’re looking forward to forming long term mutually beneficial partnerships to keep providing first in class IoT solutions all over the world.

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Our exceptional M2M connectivity solutions are backed by over 30 years of experience in telecommunications. Our transparent and easy-to-use IoT solutions are available across Europe, North America and beyond without incurring any additional roaming fees.


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