Keeping bathrooms clean with IoT


Remember the paper checklists hanging all over public bathrooms? They serve as visual reminders for cleaners to check and tick on their rounds. These include re-filling paper dispensers, checking the liquid soap levels, making sure there are no leaks or blockages, and so on and so forth.

Considering the short time that is usually allocated to such jobs, the list can be quite daunting even for the most dedicated employee, however, now that modern technology is making headway in facilities operations, it is not only giving the building management industry the opportunity to save time and money, but also the very tangible possibility of offering a better experience for employees and the end user. 

When it comes to the operations of a public bathroom, timely stocking of disposables, cleaning schedules and maintaining optimal functionality, are intrinsically linked. If one of these fails, the likelihood of everything else being affected is very high. has teamed up with the Italian firm YouTissue to provide Smart Washroom solutions that avoid unnecessary and time-consuming checks related to the refilling of paper towels and soap dispensers. By utilising smart sensors, the IoT technology developed by YouTissue relays on pervasive connectivity to enable cleaner, healthier and safer bathroom environments, thus ensuring better comfort and well-being for all.

This digital solution captures and processes real-time data to ensure the best operational efficiency of any washroom. It helps avoid the waste of pricey consumables, such as unfinished paper rolls, and as a result, produces numerous environmental benefits and cost-savings.


Smart sensors are installed in different parts of a washroom to transmit real-time data about occupancy, overall traffic, the status of the paper and soap dispensers, washroom usage frequency, the waste level in bins, and even air quality. The information is then transmitted through one of’s 4-5G, NB-IoT mobile networks or its LoRaWAN gateway and straight to a dedicated Cloud Application. In turn, this can be set to trigger email or SMS notifications to any smart device giving management the opportunity to take real-time data-driven decisions, eg. when to schedule operations in the most efficient way, to predict maintenance needs, to better allocate resources, to optimise hygiene levels, to reduce the waste of disposable and cleaning products, to monitor the quality of air, and overall improve both workers’ and users’ experience. 

In large operations with numerous washrooms to manage, by the time it takes to check all the waste bins and paper dispensers, another bathroom could be running out of soap. This smart IoT solution driven by connectivity and YouTissue’s technology eliminates this guesswork and unnecessary manual checks and replaces them with data-driven real-time information. The data also provides a precise picture of when re-stocking, cleaning and maintenance are required. Analysing the data can also reveal whether there’s a lack of efficiency or lack of employees in certain areas, and whether a recurring event is happening at the same time and in a particular washroom.  

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