How do I add more SIMs?

To add more SIM cards, you have several easy options. You may contact our team directly via email on or you may apply directly through the portal. For the latter option go to the Offers page and select the Offer on which you wish to add more SIMs. You select the Offer by clicking on “details” button.

Once in the Offer details page you will see several options in the top summary boxes which include options to add more SIMs, add more Data or add more SMS. Click on the option required and this will take you to a new screen where you can define the number of SIMs required and any other changes available within that Offer. Once completed click submit and your request will be sent to our team who will review the request and contact you accordingly to complete the process.

Should you wish to add more SIMs in a new Offer best to drop a note to our sales team on sales@melita.iowith your new requirements.