SIM order automation via the IoT portal

We have added a new feature to the portal. This feature will allow you to place a SIM card order directly via the portal. It is a quick and simple way to process your request.

Once you submit your order, you will receive an automatic email with your order details and a link to sign your order digitally to confirm it.

Your order will be processed upon digital signature, and you will receive another email with a signed copy for your records. Our team will ensure prompt processing and shipment.

Here’s how to add SIM cards to an existing offer in three simple steps:

  • Click the offers tab, choose the specific offer, and click “Add More SIMs”.

  • Drag the slider to add the number of SIM cards required and click on “Place Order”.

  • Confirm or update the shipping address as required; click “Sign Order” followed by “Finish” to complete your order request.