M2M Solutions

The most promising M2M solutions

While many people are already vaguely familiar with the terms M2M and IoT, most of them have not recognized the true potential of these technological milestones yet. M2M offers scalable, reliable solutions to virtually every industry. Many industries already take advantage of sensors in one way or another; turning these sensors into IoT-enabled devices is not as challenging as it may seem right now, and the transition will become seamless in the near future. Let’s take a look at industries that would benefit the most from M2M solutions.

M2M Solutions in Agriculture

The agricultural sector is often associated with unpredictability due to climate changes, pests, diseases, and other types of environmental events that can decrement yields on a large scale. M2M solutions will enable farmers to closely monitor these changes and prepare accordingly. Besides the increased resilience against unforeseen circumstances, farmers can also use sensors to increase efficiency. In China, for example, an M2M-enabled strawberry farm was able to double its production and shorten its time to market at the same time. In addition, labor costs, water, and fertilizer costs all halved. The most popular ways in which M2M solutions will improve agriculture:

  • Increasing overall efficiency
  • Optimizing pest management
  • Tracking grazing animals
  • Reducing water and fertilizer consumption

M2M Solutions in Healthcare

M2M has a massive variety of use-cases in the healthcare sector. Sensors allow for early diagnostics of diseases, which means treatment can be initiated much earlier, which ultimately improves a patient’s prognosis. Some examples of how M2M solutions benefit healthcare:

  • Smartwatches to detect depression
  • Remotely monitoring patients
  • M2M-enabled Robots assist in surgeries
  • Monitoring Parkinson’s patient by detecting irregular footsteps
  • Diabetes monitoring systems
  • Monitor temperature-sensitive drug shipments
  • Robot nurse

M2M Solutions in Logistics

Using real-time data that was gathered by M2M-enabled devices, logistics companies can make informed corporate decisions, which reduces the idling time of drivers, increases efficiency, and allows them to predict operating costs. Some examples of M2M solutions in logistics are:

  • Managing supply chains through blockchain
  • Smart location management
  • Track inventory in real-time
  • Predictive analysis of fleet vehicles
  • Autonomous delivery vehicles

M2M Solutions in Manufacturing

In Manufacturing, there is always a demand for greater efficiency and consistency at every stage of the workflow. M2M allows manufacturers to make smart factories scale with ease. M2M can help detect machine malfunctions before they happen and can provide managers with valuable insights, which helps them allocate resources more effectively. Some examples of the most viable M2M solutions in manufacturing are:

  • Increased transparency of production
  • Improved productivity
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Decreasing QMS costs
  • Improved Facility Management

M2M Solutions in Retail

As online shopping continues to take market share over physical retail stores, many retailers fear that the worst is yet to come. M2M may breathe new life into the retail sector by reducing operating costs and improve the customer experience in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Smart shelves improve inventory management
  • Automated checkouts with RFID tags
  • Personalized Discounts
  • Beacons
  • Provide data to optimize the in-store layout
  • AI employees
  • Improving supply chain management

M2M Solutions in Energy

The energy sector is composed of three categories: Energy generation, energy consumption, and energy distribution. The correct deployment of M2M environments will benefit all of these stakeholders in numerous ways. They will also allow utility companies to provide ancillary services. Examples of M2M solutions in the energy industry are:

  • Allowing for seamless alternation between energy sources
  • Accurate monitoring of assets
  • Enabling personal grid contribution
  • Smarter energy consumption
  • Two-way smart meters
  • Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

M2M Solutions in Construction

With the emergence of mature M2M technology, the management of construction sites is about to go through big changes, which will drastically improve safety, security, and security, all while reducing labor costs. M2M-enabled sensors are a cost-effective solution at every stage of the construction process. Some of the most prominent M2M solutions in construction are:

  • Construction safety
  • Site monitoring
  • Controlling heavy machinery remotely
  • UAVs
  • Improving fleet management
  • Assisting project management

M2M solutions in the Environmental Sector

While several technological milestones have had major industrial benefits, they also came with severely negative consequences from an environmental perspective. M2M-technology may be seen as the one that will help us clean up some of this “mess”. Using M2M, we are able to monitor and control our environment closely. There are a variety of M2M solutions that will help us protect our environment:

  • Keeping track of air and water pollution
  • Protection of wildlife’s habitat and preventing potential disease outbreaks
  • Combating overfishing
  • Managing wastewater
  • Reducing E-waste
  • Smart data centers

M2M solutions in Banking

While every single bank uses IoT-enabled devices (ATMs being the obvious one) already, a revolution in the financial services sector is imminent and will change the way we manage finances. While banks have a valid reason to be afraid, these changes are exciting from a customer’s perspective. Leasing, lending, mortgaging, managing payments, and reviewing portfolios will be easier, more transparent, and more convenient than ever before. Some examples of M2M solutions in banking are:

  • IoT enabled Smart Contracts
  • More ways to manage accounts
  • More convenient home banking
  • Customized Car Insurance
  • Instant Life Insurance
  • Peer-to-Peer Assets
  • Dedicated Smart Wallets