What is an API and how can it be used?

The API (Application Programming Interface) represents a set of commands and functions that can be used to utilise common functionalities of the melita.io IoT portal within your own software or applications.

Through APIs, you can control and automate the integration of new sensors as well as manage directly all sensors in our network from your own application without accessing our portal interface.

Step-by-step guide to use API functionality

Log into the portal and go to the Offer section. Enter the URL of your application server (marked in red). We will run a test on the URL to confirm its validity.

Note: Currently we support HTTP Post.

After entering the URL all encoded sensors data part of this offer, will be forwarded to your application server. To provide maximum security we only transport encoded data.

Once connected to your application server you receive data packets like below (JSON format by default). The content of the data packets may vary depending on the packet type.