Portal Activation

Once an order for melita.io SIM cards is confirmed, we will provide you with access to the melita.io portal. Your username is the email address you provided. An automatically generated email will be sent to you once the SIMs have been created in our systems. This email will include a personalised link to initiate activation process of the melita.io portal.

To complete your registration, click on the button found in the email. Alternatively copy and paste the link provided in your web browser. This link will expire in 24 hours.

You will then receive an activation code by SMS on the mobile phone number provided on order confirmation. Please type in this code.

As a second step you will be asked to create and confirm a password for your account.

Once the password is confirmed, your registration will be completed, and you can proceed to login to your melita.io portal for the first time.

On first log in you will be prompted to activate your SIM cards, which you can do once you receive your melita.io SIM cards and following the easy instructions provided.