The Analytics section in the portal provides you with aggregate usage information for your Offers and SIMs. Here you can monitor usage at an Offer level over pre-set and custom periods you may define. You will also find options for drilling down into specific SIMs and filtering the usage graphs and results for the same period for that individual SIM.

When you access the Analytics screen you will be presented with two graphs. One shows SMS usage at Offer level over time and the other one showing Data usage. You may toggle from one offer to the other from the drop-down menu you can find on the top left of the screen. On the right hand side you will find options for customising the dates for which you want to analyse the data.

Beneath the graphs you will find the same information presented per SIM card per day. Here you have the facility to zoom in on a specific SIM of a group of SIMs belonging to a specific Offer simply by clicking on the applicable row and the data and charts will automatically be refreshed to show only the relevant information.

You may also download the same information in a CSV file by clicking the button “download to CSV”. This will then enable you to perform additional analytics of presentations in your spreadsheet or presentation applications.