Will my device work with the melita.io SIM?

The melita.io connectivity use standard GSMA / 3GPP technology such as 2G (where available), 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT so if your device conforms with these standards it should work. The devices that don’t work are likely to be rare exceptions. We also offer very accessible testing plans so at any point and you can sign-up for a trial plan to test your various devices and applications.

When ordering a device you also need to consider some aspects such as device/network lock (where these are limited to work with a specific carrier/operator only), Roaming access (devices that do not allow roaming out of a specific country or set melita.io APN) as well as Country limitations (devices that only work on specific frequency bands available only in certain countries).

When sourcing sensors or other devices important to ensure that this can be used in your destination country. Such information is generally available on the product spec sheet or get confirmation from the vendor.

Visit this link to access the roaming information.