More advanced IoT technology and even higher data speeds

News has recently deployed various upgrades and new features to its IoT offering. Driven by customer requirements and technology developments, the international IoT service now supports more mobile IoT technologies, higher speeds, and offers even more security capabilities.

Higher speeds, LP-WAN, and 5G

The maximum speeds for all mobile IoT packages have recently been increased, with the low speeds package now allowing for up to 1 Megabit per second. As part of the package changes, all low-speed packages now also support NB-IoT and LTE-M where coverage is available. Similarly, High speed packages now do not have a speed capping and the maximum bandwidth available by the networks in the specific areas of coverage will be made available to customers.

These upgrades also see the introduction of 5G which is optional on both low-speed and high-speed packages. For details of coverage, you may visit

Advanced security

With security and advanced connectivity remaining top of mind, improvements also include private APN, VPN with or without a private static IP, and Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol (L2TP) services for those requiring more advanced connectivity solutions and an extra layer of security in conjunction with a VPN connection.

One of the most sought-after security and control feature is Triggers. The portal already allows customers to define their own triggers, actions, and notifications. The next iteration of this functionality will enable users to create and manage Triggers through API. Current API documentation is available here: download API documentation


The management portal which is provided for free to all IoT customers now also supports LoRaWAN connectivity and sensor management. has committed to build extensive coverage in Germany, as well as Malta but is also building selected coverage in other European territories around customer demands. The service will soon also support LoRaWAN passive roaming capabilities. Learn more about LoRaWAN here.Thank you for choosing for your IoT connectivity.

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